Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Violin exams

Here I am practising the violin. No, not really, I'm posing for this shot. It's not possible to play and take this shot unless I have three limbs which I don't. An octopus I am not. My violin is a beauty it has a nice warm tone. And when I've practiced enough the violin can produce some lovely tunes making me and my neighbours very happy. ( Okay I'm not sure about the neighbours I'm assuming ).

My violin and I have been together for some years. It was bought after I dropped my first violin. I've changed the strings recently.....bought my current strings from the Royal Academy Of Medicine in London. Wow! What a place to visit. I walked passed Madame Tussauds stopping only long enough to admire some potential knick knacks to buy and also entering one shop to browse, in search of this academy.

So this post it to rant a bit about how ill prepared I am for my grade 8 ABRSM exams in violin in 4 months from now. I think it's easier to do ward rounds daily and icu rounds and 5 scopes for a month than get ready in time for the exams. Then again, that's exactly why taking such an exam is good for the soul. It teaches me to be patient. Difficult to be on the other end of the teaching session. To be taught rather than teach. To be a student rather than a teacher. I hope it has taught me to be not only more patient, but also to give positive criticism to my own students during tutorials.

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