Saturday, April 01, 2017

Teochew restaurant Setapak

White noodles. ( Less famous but twice as yum)
 If you like the traditional black hokkien noodles, this is the place to eat. I found out they serve this white version from a blog. Saturday mornings are spent googling food blogs for reviews and pictures. And it has paid off a few times. This is one of those times. We've been quite loyally eating here for a few months. The chef now knows us and when he occasionally walks to the front for a social walkabout like the Queens....he drops by to ask how the noodles are and is everything alright.  He is a consistent chef. The taste each time is just as yummy.
Fried Fucuk and Lobak. Served in a dish with sides.
 They also serve these side dishes and they are worth ordering. The lobak tastes better than that served at Go Noodles at Publika. But then Go noodles wins in the Fucuk category. ( More crunchy and thin pieces )
The restaurant in Setapak
If you are approaching this restaurant from the Pahang roundabout, you will need to turn to the right before reaching this and drive through a housing area before parking so you will be on the same side of the road. Parking may be a problem if you arrive later than 10am. We usually head here before 0800. I like to start the weekend early to harness all the fun in this short period.

Here is a link to an article about this restaurant. Teochew Restaurant.

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