Sunday, April 02, 2017

Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch eyes. So cute
Right if I worked harder, I may just be able to justify buying an Anya Hindmarch handbag. A few years ago, it was the light blue bad with  eyes like this that I tried and liked. And did not buy. It's now a new season but these iconic eyes seem to follow me everywhere.  And here they are, found on a cheap T-shirt in Sungai Wang Plaza....a very old shopping centre in KL. Second only to Ampang Park.  In the 80s, Sungai Wang ( we drop the word plaza usually) was a happening bustling place where a lot of people come to either buy clothes ( they had a big selection) or visit the computer haven on the top floor. Not so now, it's been bought over by capital land. A Singapore based company I hear and with that changes have happened. Gone are the orange tiled floors, ( I miss them) replaced by clean looking white tiles which makes it brighter and less Sg Wang-like. Quite a few shops have closed down. And occupancy rate has dropped. The computer haven has moved somewhere else. And some shops like Chamber music who have been there for years have chosen to downsize from two shops to one. And the latest surprise is the closing down of McDonalds. ( We found this out this evening )

Back to Anya Hindmarch, she is a UK based designer and has quirky handbags and she speaks very nicely too. ( from the youtube search of her interviews and adverts) Two years back, I chanced upon a 50% sale of some purses and snaffed one for mum for Christmas. It was a steal. I havent been back to the shop since. Deviated to Celine and the trio hunt and mustering enough courage to buy one.

I love the handbags. Am not familiar with the names of them but it's the one with a zipper in the front and when you unzip there are little compartments with words on them. I would like that handbag is a neutral colour but not black I think. So that's the latest on the wish-list along with the newly launched Samsung S8. ( I'm waiting a few months for reports of explosions before I buy it)

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