Friday, April 07, 2017

Coffee Société

The large table placed in takes prominence. I like sitting here.
Coffee Society was founded by the Choong brothers; Choong Kar Wei and Kar Heng back in 2011. It was voted one of the best places for coffee in Time Out the same year.

The cafe is cosier  than Coffee Stain( which is placed in a more strategic place you can see it upon exiting to the road from Publika at one of their many doors.) Coffee Society has a warmer touch when you enter you see wooden walls and tables and this gives you a warm welcoming feeling.

Outdoor seating is available too. (I don't have pictures today but I will post some in the future) If you are lucky you get to sit there and have a smoke-free environment and if it's a beautiful feeling. A perfect start to a leisurely weekend. I've only had this experience once. Other times, be prepared to smell smoke and see smokers seated outside. Aargh.
A view while sitting at the large table
The large table in the middle dominates the space inside. One one side of this big table, you have smaller tables at the normal height and to the front of the cafe you have sofa seats. ( Limited seating) The big table is raised and you have stools to sit on. I love the higher perch and the view it gives. So despite normally going there alone, I brave the raised eyebrows from the waiters and sit at the corner of the big table.
Salmon and avocado sandwich ( I think)
 I've given two samples of food available here. These were taken some time back so I've forgotten their exact names and how much they cost. I do remember the taste of both and it was yummy. I had nutella cafe and that was nice too.
This was nice. I've forgotten the name tho.
T: 03 6211 5523
10.30AM-9PM (SAT-SUN)

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