Thursday, April 06, 2017

Are you a tea person?

Ceylon Supreme
A new phase in my life; tea obsession which started when I received as a gift a large complete set of teabags from Ceylon. I shared a few packets and kept the rest and there started the lovely journey to loving the different tastes and smell of each teabag. I've switched from drinking coffee to tea in the mornings. Another reason is that its easy to carry a teabag and beg for a mug of hot water to have your tea rather than get granules of coffee and drink it black if you can't find sugar. (Unless you bring your own supply)
Ear Grey
So I'm a pseudo tea-gourmet at this stage. Earl Grey for me. And after reading the origin of it I like it even more. Bergamot infused with the black tea leaves gives it a citrus taste which is nice. And wakes you up a bit. What an excellent idea to do that. Clever......

And I can vouch that fruit teas aren't at all nice and they leave a weird color as an after thought in your mug. Not a nice look. And the fruit taste isn't too nice towards the end of your mug. So no. I'm not an advocate of fruit teas.

Earl Grey tea was made specially for the 2nd Early Grey who was Prime Minister of United Kingdom  from 1830-1834. He also abolished slavery and reformed child labour laws.

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