Friday, April 14, 2017

Dinner after Maundy Thursday mass(Jalan Ipoh)

Kam Heong Pork
Kam Heong (金香)crabs or prawns are the usual dishes fried this way. We asked ( and got) Kam Heong pork yesterday evening. And here it is shown above. Quite tasty. I wished they had more fried bits at the side and that it was served with icy cold cucumbers at the side. The words Kam Heong translates to golden fragrance in Cantonese.  You can taste dried shrimps shallots and garlic in this sauce. And Google tells me there is curry powder to be added to the list. Who would have thought?

Yau mak with Chilli padi
 This dish was very nice because it had some chilli padi mixed with the vegetable giving it a spicy tone when you chew. This is lettuce cooked with fermented bean curd. I wish they had more of a gravy with this. And there was rather sparse fermented bean curd in our plate of lettuce. The saving grace as the spiciness courtesy of the chillies.
Eggs done just right
We also had fried eggs with minimal accompaniment done just right. With the yolk flowing out once you poke it with your fork. Definitely served fresh eggs otherwise this wouldn't be a success. The chef walked by purposefully and asked whether the eggs flowed out as ordered? Haha.

This restaurant sells porridge as well. But for some reason, the porridge stall was closed yesterday. It rained while we were in church, huge downpour which cooled the temperature but made many messy puddles along the road. I got a bit wet walking from church to the car but thankfully it eased off as mass ended.I can't remember the name of this restaurant but I will add the name once I locate my phone and look at swarm app because I checked in here last night.

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