Friday, April 14, 2017

wine at Swine

We selected our own wine
Swine again on Monday to celebrate surviving a harrowing emergency department ward round session. We had a nice meal here ordering the usual Larb pork burger. The red wine was finished. But they allowed us to buy our own wine from BIG and they served it for us without any extra charge. THat's a good deal. However, we were cheap and bought some dodgy wine which wasn't so nice.  Seen on the plate are Japanese crackers which I like very much. I think the batch at BIG isn't fresh. This is the second ones I've bought. Not up to the usual crunchy tasty standard. The burger was up to it usual high standard and the chips were piping hot and fresh. Service here is always good and they are attentive on Mondays when they is less crowd. On a Sunday this place is bustling with activity and you can expect a bit of a wait for seating. And best to order all you want straight away because getting their attention mid meal can prove challenging.

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