Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dinner at Paradise Dynasty Restaurant BV@

We headed to Bangsar Village two for dinner. It was raining plus we had an eventful evening jump-starting the Golf which had been left alone for two weeks. I was too busy to start the car. We borrowed the wires from our neighbour. He was lovely. Not only did he lend us the wires, he also helped stick it on and waited for the car to be awaken before leaving us. Nice and friendly. I'm sorry I wasn't friendlier earlier in the year. ( I'll be nicer from now)

All this took some time, after which we were all hungry and decided we won't brave the Kepong drive for Dim sum. The safer option would be to eat indoors. I chose BV2 because it is rarely crowded. And I was right. The carpark was a bit of a squeeze to get in, but we got a spot and proceeded for dinner.

This was what the mum ordered and she was pleased with it. Nice and springy.Different consistency from the wanton noodles you get outside. La mian fried with pork presumably and some vegetables. The overall taste was gorgeous with just a hint of saltiness. Enough to leave you wanting more.
 I chose this because it was similar to Esquire Kitchen's Wor Teik. Upon arrival and after the first bite I'm proud to say I chose what I wanted. Because it tasted almost similar to Esquire's version.
Soup noodles
 This was the daddy's choice. Soup noodles with Pork chop served on the side. ( I forgot to take a picture of the pork shop so you will have to believe me)It's nicer served dipped in soup because it adds  flavour.
Long beans and tofu
Delicious long beans fried with minced pork which went well with the soupy noodles shown above. This was everyone's favourite. And in the back ground fried tofu  was absolutely delicious. Better eaten slightly cold. Otherwise you run the risk of scalding your tongue and being miserable the remaining meal. I recommend you try this tofu. It's crispy on the outside and butter soft once you bite into it. We couldn't get enough of it. We were all so happy to finally find this. A good substitute to the I-canton version. Apparently they don't serve this any more at I-canton. But hey ho...we have found a replacement.

Paradise Dynasty Bangsar
Lot 2F-17, Level 2,
Bangsar Village II,
2, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2201 7022
Fax: 603 2201 7021

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