Friday, May 05, 2017

Mamak at KLia2

Can you spot the sign?
 I felt a bit like a tourist on Saturday morning when I arrived from KL Sentral via the ERL and got off at the last stop i.e. KLia2. The exit was grand, and you see Uniqlo and H and M right in front of you pass the autogate. Felt a bit like being abroad. Many people exiting together with me and almost all walking purposefully to wherever they were heading. I had to stop and ask the information centre where to go. I tried on two tops and nearly bought one. And then proceeded to walk about looking for the loo and taking many pictures along the way as I quietly oohed and aaahed my way through the crowd.

I spotted this funny sign. And then I walked back a few steps to check whether this was actually true. And it was.
In case you think that was a gimmick, there really is a mama stall upstairs.
Above W H Smith is indeed a mama stall. How cute! This part of the airport looks fresh and welcoming

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