Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ful Lai Dim Sum (富涞饱饺点心茶楼)

A huge selection on a single tray
 Yay we found a dim sum place which serves fried dim sum, We have chosen recently to no longer go to Mee Bon, after served shoddily and gotten unwashed plates being palmed off as washed ones. And when pointed out, no apology just a quick change to more plates without so much as an acknowledgement that something wasn't right.

So here is our first visit to this Dim Sum place at Manjalara, Kepong. we arrived at 9:00pm a bit of a late start but at least I got a 3 km run done before this feast. I like the airy seating arrangement. And when we sat down, this gorgeous tray arrived and we were at lost which to choose.

When we eventually picked a few, yet another tray came along with a totally different array of dum sum and finally a third tray came within a space of 2 minutes. Spoilt for choice.
Chicken porridge
 I wanted porridge and this is it shown above. It was thick with chicken shreds which I don't like. I like my porridge  on the watery side with minced pork bits in different sizes. So Mee Bon wins in the porridge category.
Having our fried dim sum cut by a pair of scissors 

This was one of the fried dim sum we chose and out came the scissors to cut them into smaller potions. Nice:)
Chillie sauce and brown sauce as perfect condiments
And we had bitter gourd dim sum too. A little bit of veg to get the bowels moving. When we got home after this big meal, I had a lie down and was zonked for a good 3 hours before waking up looking for more food.

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