Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sarah, Duchess of York

Linda Cierach seen adjusting the train with the help of the bride's father Ronald Ferguson
The next royalty on the scene was Sarah Ferguson, as she was known before marrying Prince Andrew. Sarah was fun and lively and labelled as a breath of fresh air when she came onto the scene. Prince Andrew and her appeared to get along famously. You can watch a youtube video of them just before their marriage in an interview and they looked like such fun.

Sarah grew up with the royals. She and Andrew were playmates at polo matches. Her father, Ronald Ferguson was Prince Charles polo manager. She apparently got along famously with the Queen. And Diana into some famous antics like dressing like policewomen and gate-crashing a party or the time they poked their brollies onto the bums of some folks at Ascot.

She chose Lindka Cierach to design her wedding gown. This looked more structured than Diana's it had a boned panelling giving a neater figure to Sarah. Sarah also reportedly lost 26 pounds before the wedding. Her train wasn't as long and it had nice beading with the initials A and S intertwined which was a nice touch. She also entered the church with flowers covering her tiara and exited minus the flowers, signifying her entrance as a commoner and exiting as royalty. This tiara unlike Diana's was not a family heirloom. It was new and bought from Garrards from the Queen as a gift.

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