Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Professor Judith Mackay

What an honour to listen to a lecture by Professor Judith Mackay vote in 2007  to be one of the most influential people in the world. She is a leading campaigner for stricter tobacco control.  And she was invited to Malaysia and to our university to give a lecture.A pleasure to listen to an expert who delivers in a clear and succinct manner. Certainly someone to inspire us all to be better and to be passionate in our own respective fields.

Professor Judith Mackay is a doctor and an international anti-tobacco advocate. She is a senior policy advisor to the WHO and amongst many accolades, she received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth in 2008.
Professor Judith Mackay

She is labelled by the tobacco industry as one of the three most dangerous people. You wouldn't want to mess with her. She wore a mandarin collared jacket, a nod to her country she has been residing in for so many years, Hong Kong. I thought that was a nice touch. And she looked good in it too. And she carried a La Pliage in black.

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