Sunday, April 23, 2017

Proper Porridge

Minced pork porridge and dumpling ( Both Yum)
We had porridge for dinner. And one dumpling. Now this is the type of porridge I like. Can you see the consistency of it in this picture? Slightly more watery compared to the earlier porridge this morning. It has the obligatory minced pork bits. Yes in different sizes. Tick Tick Tick. They ran out of  yu char kueh  when we arrived but I wasn't upset. I like my porridge plain like this without much fuss.

The dumpling was also very nice. The rice itself has a slight saltiness and the entire experience leaves you satisfied. No further sauce needed. Unlike some other dumplings. ( Where you need to add kampung Koh chillie sauce.
The porridge stall
This porridge stall is actually a food truck which can be found at Batu 3, Jalan Ipoh. Near a tyre shop. It was previously along the main road and readily seen when you drive pass but due to major construction around the area, they have moved inwards. Better. Less dusty although the seating arrangement is less I believe. We arrived at the peak period and had a bit of a wait for a seat. Roughly 10 minutes although it felt longer. Worth the wait certainly.

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