Sunday, April 23, 2017

University Challenge

I absolutely absolutely adore watching University Challenge. Been hooked for slightly over a year now and I watch the older episodes on youtube. ( Thank you for uploading them ) Just yesterday I came across this Christmas episode starring Mary Archer. I thought she looked familiar. Turns out she's Dame Mary Archer, wife of Jeffrey Archer the famous book write.

Am embarrassed to say I never knew much about Lady Archer. She's famous in her own right. Here she is seen representing her alma mater Oxford where she studied chemistry. She is seen here with her team which she captains.  She has brains and a CV which will make most if not all envious.

She comes across as quietly intelligent and elegant. No mention of her marriage to Jeffrey Archer in her introduction on University Challenge. Which is nice, she is famous in her own right.

This was her brief introduction "Scientist Dame Mary Archer, 71, who specialises in solar energy has held academic posts at Oxford and Cambridge, was the head of an NHS trust, and is the chair of the science museum."

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