Saturday, April 08, 2017

Rawa Thosai

Rawa Thosai number one
 I had a long day on Friday and slept hungry. I woke up famished and had the urge for Rawa Thosai and guess what....I had Rawa Thosai twice. The first was at 7am near home at my usual place at Publika where the Rawa Thosai is nice a crispy and has loads of stuff in it as you can see. Not every mammal serves Rawa Thosai but this one does it very well and I usually almost eat only this here. Once when I changed my mind and ordered something else, the waiter repeated the order in a incredulous tone.
Rawa Thosai number 2 for the day
The second raw thosai was nearer UMMC  at Sri Grand City Restaurant with the friend who's mum is admitted and another friend. This was served with tomato chutney which was super yum. I wish everyone served it with this condiment. I enjoyed very much.

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