Sunday, April 23, 2017

Violin practice

My handmade German violin
My teacher tells me my violin can sing. Which means the bad music is solely my responsibility. Here is my violin taking a break from making bad music. Rest time in between chromatic scales at a metronome speed of 100. Nothing faster cos my old fingers get into a tangle if its pushed to its limit. Just as well I haven't given up my day job. I'll be a pauper if I had to rely on music to earn my keep.

Things I've learnt since I took up the violin.
1. Its much harder than the piano.
2. Practice needs to be regular and under-practice ( is there such a word?)is unmask more easily in this instrument.
3. You mustn't press your fingers too hard because you will get some cramps. And also you can't lift and move as fast as you should.
4. Invest in a mute. The rubber ones don't last long. Mine has broken into two last week. Not from overuse.
5.The blasted metronome is a useful took to get better.

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