Sunday, April 23, 2017

Restaurant Ban Lee

The chicken rice seller. ( Was early today)
After church this morning, we decided to head to Ban Lee, which is on the way back home. A slight detour and we arrived within 5 minutes from church. Sometimes the chicken rice seller is late to hang his chickens up, he would be in the kitchen sorting out his chickens. Lucky for us today,he was early so we didn't have to wait for him. The business is good, just count the number of chickens he has hanging at his stall. And he also has just as many in the kitchen at the back of the restaurant. If you come slightly later, there is usually a queue at his stall.
Chicken with some pork and cucumbers
I'm biased. I'm going to rate this chicken rice a 6/10. The chicken could have a bit more taste. It's soft enough but quite a bit of bones and the sauce lacks taste. Also, a thicker sauce would be good.
The rice ( carbs I know)
The rice looks good in this picture. It isn't as fragrant as I would like it. So I'm assuming there's less fat involved in the cooking process. Which is good for my diet, but less satisfying to eat as a meal. They don't serve ginger sauce with this. Neither do we have the thick dark black soya sauce.

The best chicken rice is from Raub, Pahang. The mother buys it for us when we're home and it tastes so nice you would want to eat every last bit of the rice up. That's a 10/10.

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