Friday, May 05, 2017

Kim Kia Panmee specialist.

Seating arrangement along the 5 foot way (Malaysian-style)
 I had Loh Mee during the long weekend. At Kim Kia Panmee specialist shop in Taman Batu. It's a nice airy shop and if you come early you get to park pretty near. It's surrounded by other stalls like the bak kut teh shop diagonally opposite and a wanton noodle shop as well as another makan stall.
Tables in front of other shops too. 
 I prefer sitting inside the shop because you get the fan. So these seats are for those who came late, or want to smoke. ( Smoking is bad for health! And causes my asthma to act up)
The condiments available
 Spot the vinegar which you need to make your loh mee taste just right. Yum.
Loh Mee 
 From the blurry shot of the background devoid of humans, you can tell we were early getting here.
A close up.
I enjoyed this very much. It came pipping hot and with a green chilli paste. I wish I had a bowl right now as I'm blogging. ( growl of the tummy)

Kim Kia Pan Mee Specialist

No.15, Jalan A, Taman Batu
Off Jalan Kuching, 52000 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 8am to 3pm ,closed on Mondays

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