Friday, May 05, 2017

Lexis Suites Penang

This complimentary drink  was refreshing
Lexis Suites is located in Bayan Lepas, surrounded by rather old shop houses and a few wooden houses and factories. So the general feel is that of a less-posh area. The actual hotel did not look enticing from the outside but our taxi driver told us we would love the place and not want to go out to town. He was right.

You can see from the reflection, what the surrounding area looks like.
 What the hotel lacks in location and facade, it more than made up with the large room fitting in two king sized beds with space to spare and a large dressing area with a separate toilet and bathroom fitted with both a shower and a lovely deep bathtub with legs.
The two king size beds. ( Tacky colours but it looks better in reality)

The dressing area which extends to the balcony

Shower and bath

Bathtub, with the blinds down

The pool
 The bathroom had a glass wall with blinds which when pulled up gives you a view of the pool in your balcony. That's right, each room comes with its own pool and mini sauna room.
The view 
Definitely one of the biggest hotel rooms I've stayed in. This was one of those times where nobody was pushed to go out to town to shop. We were eager to head back to the rooms for a mini dip. No time limit restraining us from dipping past midnight. What a life!!

The view in the morning.
 There isn't much of a beach beside the hotel. But I don't think anyone complained about that. The pool was enough for us.

And here I am taking a final dip in the bath before getting dressed for the second and last day of the talk. Bye bye Penang, I enjoyed this trip very much.

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