Saturday, May 06, 2017

Quill Mall

Interesting things are found here
Quill mall is the only mall to have a big enough H&M to house a section called "H&M home". I love browsing here. You can find many cute stuff. Biggest regret was not buying the hedgehog theme mug and plate that was on sale year back. It's not obviously out of stock although I keep returning here in the hope of finding it once more.

Interesting words on a bag
RM 19.90. I bought this bag because the words and the printing quality was just what I like in a bag. Not too difficult to read and no corny words that may embarrass you when you bring this bag to meetings. So yes, why not. I haven't actually used it. Saving it for later.

They had a selection of candles for sale too. But the smells were all a bit off. Sandalword smelt like musty fungus and the cotton smell was distinctly non-cotton-like. I almost bought the sea salt candle but after the 4th sniff I decided the sea didn't project at all well.

Quill mass has an awful entry to their parking. The curves dangerously as you turn to your left to get your parking ticket. The actual parking spots itself is lovely. Brightly lit, with ample space between cars and rather large spot designated for ladies. And when you come up the escalator from the basement parking the first shop that greets you is "Kluang Station" which is a decent place to have a meal. They have large space in the middle of the shopping mall. It's a pity they didn't think having a nice entrance to the carpark was important.

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