Sunday, May 27, 2018

Trolley Tour around San Diego.

Trolley tour, San Diego
The trolley tour signage
I would recommend doing this  hop on, hop off tour. I learnt a lot about San Diego buildings with a short description of each place we passed. the guides are slightly different in character. My favourite was our first one he had a nice way of describing things and a dry sense of humour. He even made us turn with a wonderful description of what turned out to be a simple McDonalds. haha!

The picture above is the official logo, just before you get on the trolley, you're given a round sticker of the tour symbol to stick on your jacket or blouse, after which you're good to go.

Trolley Tour Guide
my favourite guide of the day.
Here is the picture from where I sat. Its an antique looking trolley with heated floorboards and he plays appropriate music along the way intermittently to get the mood going before imparting some gem of knowledge.
The Ernest W. Hahn Statue Outside The Horton Plaza in Downtown San Diego, California
Horton Plaza
The next building of significance that we passed was Horton Plaza. The statue that you see is of Earnest W. Hahn the developer of Horton Plaza. And what a buzz it was when it opened on August 9 1985. It had 51 stores and four department stores, Robinsons, the Broadway Mervyns and Nordstrorm.We passed Horton Plaza which I found later to be a bit of a has been. The anchor tenant moved out a few years ago and not many stores remain. Additional negative information was the weird escalators you may find. I saw one or two homeless people outside the plaza. So no, with the limited time I had on my hands, I chose to opt out of this place.

The end of part one of the tour.

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