Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Perfect weather for cycling

Bicycles in San Diego
Seen in San Diego

Aren't these bicycles cute? Its to chain your bicycles to and I've not seen these types before. Let me start off by saying San Diego is the place I would like to spend a whole lot more time in. Possible to retire here. The weather is perfect. All year round. The person who picked us from the airport and drove us to the hotel said their highest temperature was 24 degrees Celsius. Woot! Rain fall is only a couple of inches per year. So yes water can be a problem but they've circumvented this by constructing a recycling system to use such water for irrigation of plants around the city. This is the furthest I've walked in any city a whopping 19.4km. I got a small blister on my second left toe to prove that I walked that much. 

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