Saturday, June 02, 2018

All Nippon Airways (ANA) airlines

I wonder whether anyone else who has flown with ANA would agree with my review.  I'll start with the service. Japanese people are polite and that isn't a myth. Deep bows before the flight took off and little bows when they asked us what we wanted to eat. Their uniforms are cute and chic, the skirts had little trimmings down the back at the centre of the skirt, and the jackets had a line of trimming down the elbows. The overall effect brightened the grey uniforms.
ANA airlines
The little flowery aprons

They took the jackets off and wore little flowery aprons when serving food.And now we come to the food which was meh. The selection of snacks were limited. I chose Japanese rather than European meals. The  servings were placed with great care and detail but the taste wasn't satisfying. I'm not sure how else to put it. When I asked for tea, I got Japanese green tea. When I actually wanted black tea with milk.They offered a limited selection of snacks which included ippudo noodles ie instant noodles, rice crackers and mixed nuts.

I managed to catch at least three movies on the flight; " I Tonya" which was about Tonya Harding's life leading to her fall following the fiasco about Nancy Kerrigan's bashing of the knee, followed by "All the money in the word" about Getty refusing to pay the ransom for the release of his grandson and the last was " Downsizing" a movie about going smaller to be able to afford a bigger house and a better lifestyle.

On the trip back to Malaysia, I slept a little bit more but I watched "Coco" inspired by my trip to Tijuana Mexico on the second last day in San Diego ( a separate couple of posts will be dedicated to this amazing adventure) and the very nice sitcom " This is us" where I cried and cried and cried.

I do have to add that the inflight entertainment section wasn't as vast as the emirates or Qatar airlines. In a sense it forced me to watch more movies than sitcoms.
duvet on ANA
Flatbed and personal space with duvet which trapped heat

The seats were nice. And they reclined to a flatbed. ( very important) their blankets were puffed up nine duvets which were light and trapped the heat nicely. Pillow was a little soft but if you fold it into two its a decent height for sleeping. I love their slippers a deep dark blue and just the right spring. Sadly unlike emirates and Qatar airlines, they didn't give us jammies. Their amenities was in a small dark blue pouch.

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