Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Coronado Beach

The famous Coronado beach
A sand sculpture sign
The trolley tour brought us over the Coronado bridge and into Coronado which is just a perfect township with cute little houses painted in soft pastel colours, and with the perfect weather it created a perfect morning for us to explore Hotel Bel and the beach. A pet peeve some San Diego people may have is for these local Coronado folks to call themselves islanders. The guide was quick to point out that it is a peninsular and not an island. Hah a new fact to add to my knowledge of Coronado.
The gorgeous beach
The sand was velvety soft and it was lovely walking along the beach barefooted while the wind creates havoc with the hair. The colours appear muted as in this picture. Gloomy weather which I prefer don't ask me why because I can't give you a good reason.

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