Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bottega Venetta

Bottega Venetta
Bottega Venetta Small Shoulder bag
I first saw this brand in Milan a few years back. ( That sounds like I go places, which isn't true, it was for a conference and I was over the moon with the opportunity to visit the fashion capital of the world) It looks like a "tikar" doesn't it? Didn't like it initially at all. But my mistake was not entering the shop to try it on and feel it.The bag above is soft, and box shape and the leather strap has a nice detail on it. Unfortunately it doesn't show up in this picture but you may check it out on their website. I tried looking for this bag to look for its name but I couldn't find it.The leather is soft and light. The shop assistant told me it has three layers of leather.

 I think I may get a small purse small enough to fit into my current bag. Only because it's sale season now and yes the electric blue one I touched is still playing on the mind one week later.( picture below)

bottega venetta

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