Sunday, June 03, 2018

Coronado Bridge

We stayed at the Manchester  Grand Hyatt and I got a room with a view.Woot Woot. This was taken at 7:00am. A bit late in getting up because the bed was so comfortable and I did walk many steps both at the airports and around Little Italy the night before.

Coronado Bridge
View from level 26.
Its true what the internet search engines led me to believe, that May is known as a gloomy month in San Diego due to the overcast clouds. I like weather like this. Reminds me of Galway days. ( hah)

Spotted at Gaslamp Quarter
Spotted at Gaslamp quarter

Managed to take some shots as the trolley took us through the Gaslamp quarter area on the tour. Here is an Irish pub I spotted along the way. Cute architecture which you can see all around this area. It's meant to be teeming with night life. I didn't get a chance to sample this but I did walk around the area ie boasting 16 walkable blocks. ( I don't think I covered them all on foot)

And then after passing the convention centre and just before we headed over Coronado Bridge, we drove pass this lovely mural with a history.
Kelco Historical Community Mural
Kelco Historical Community Mural
This mural was drawn by Salvador Roberto Torres and his wife Gloria Robolledo Torres  and completed tin 1993. The city of San Diego required that this mural be preserved. As a result, the present company Oltmans had to work together with Restaurant depot for this to happen. The wall was extracted during demolition and construction And subsequently braced with steel earth-quake proof structure.

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