Sunday, June 10, 2018

Kate Spade and Anya Hindmarch

A deviation from USA trip post to talk about handbags. Now that the GST has been lifted, it's created a happy feeling. Or rather a warm feeling in our hearts and loosened the purse strings a bit. I went window shopping yesterday and this here is my take on the handbags available...and worthy for purchase should you have the money.

The first on the list shall be Kate Spade. She hit the headlines this week for her suicide. A tragedy as it highlights mental health is precious and the rich and famous are not any less likely to succumb to this any more than us normal people. My condolences to her daughter especially, and her family. May her memory live on and that she be remembered for her visionary handbags rather than how she died.

Kate spade in Pavillion
Kate Spade Pavillion KL

Alligator Bag
The Alligator series features this lovely bag. Sartorial Design

This epitomises Kate Spade. Daring to be different and making bags people would be drawn to and be brave enough to buy at a affordable price tag. I confess not owning a Kate spade Bag. I regret not buying the porcupine themed bag she had last year. Its now out of season and no longer available to purchase from the shops. I do have a card holder from Kate Spade and the mummy has a purse from Kate spade. So we do have at least one little thing from this shop.

Next stop, was Anya Hindmarch, Another person with a quirky style. The latest season is called chubby where the bags are puffy but surprisingly light and of course comfortable to wear.

Anya Hindmarch
Eyes cross body in burnt Sienna ( Orange to me and you)
This is a lovely bag to own. The embossed eye sticker makes me smile whenever I see it. the shape is youngish but I not that keen on the chain strap. I already owned one like this so I wanted something different. Anya Hindmarch is having a sake currently, and this particularly piece is on discount. A good time to consider buying.

Chubby collection
Build a Bag collection ( Anya Hindmarch)

This is from the build a bag collection. In a lovely pink. Gucci has exactly the same shade of fruschia and this colour takes lovely pictures. Trust me. The handle is from the chubby collection. It looks awful but is comfortable to wear. Rather like wearing a snug seatbelt. I tried it and decided yes this isn't too bad at all. You can put a lot of things inside it looks funky and not like an aunty-bag 9 my worst fear) and there is something young-ish about that inflatable chubby strap.

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