Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicken pox

Will I look like this soon?
Hands up those of you who haven't gotten the nasty nasty chicken pox yet? It would appear that I am the minority. I have been exposed to chicken pox and am possibly incubating these lovely pox viruses in my body and there is a promise  of these disgustingly itchy pustules  erupting once the incubation period is over...anywhere from 10-21 days I'm told.


letti said...

egad! hope you get over it real soon!

vagus said...

get well soon.
was 21 when i came down with chickenpox. was pretty sick.

edina monsoon said...

letti: thanks ( merely incubating these viruses...hope nothing happens)

Vagus: I shall live on the edge until the incubation period is well over:)