Saturday, March 16, 2013

L. T Meade

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I 've found a new author to like. All this through Guternberg free ebook site. Let me introduce you to her first. Her real name was Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Smith. She was born in county Cork. ( Yay Irish!) She began writing at the age of 17 and wrote 300 books in total. If she were working in a university like me, she would be a full professor easily.

I have downloaded ( and read) all the available on this site. And then three days ago I found a different site with many more titles.

I'm going to list the two sites here as links. ( Hathi doesn't allow you to download as PDF unless you are a member and I havent found out how to be the meantime you can read it online)

Project Guternberg

Hathi project

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