Sunday, September 21, 2014

Flughafen München

We arrived at Munich around 9:30am. ( We were meant to arrive at 5:30am local time) The temperature was in the teens. And it looked ( unlike Barcelona) rather chilly.

My first glimpse of Munich from the place.
 The lady seated to my left got me all scared. She brought out her puffer jacket, put that on and wrapped a scarf around her neck and looked ready for the artic temperature.
The little walk from plane to terminal
Nice airport. There were loads of glass to see the outside. And it looked crisp and dry.
Do not travel with heavy hand luggage. Unless you have strong arms. See these steps....there were many of these before we got through to immigration.
A sign I can understand
yes! Finallt made it up those stairs...and I spotted an escalator too.
Welcome to Munich Everybody. 2 hours later than scheduled. But with gloriously crisp weather and not a drop of rain. It was a brilliant first day weather. No Complains.

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