Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trip to Munich

I've been lucky enough to get to go to this year's European Respiratory Congress in Munich. For the first time, I extended my stay by 3 days and managed to squeeze quite a bit of sight-seeing into the three days. And so, ( warning warning) the next 10-2- posts will be on the trip and the many exciting ( and different things) I saw during my short stay there. No academic posts for this blog. At least until the fun bit has been thoroughly exhausted.
Longchamp at KLIA
I flew via SQ out of  KLIA. And here is my obligatory visit to the Longchamp shop at the satellite terminal. A last minute chance to jot down prices so I can be sure what I'm paying in Europe is much cheaper. 

The screen showing our landing in Dubai
Bit of a drama en route. The flight from Changi to Munich had a last-minute stop-over at Dubai Airport. There was an ill patient on board and the patient and relatives disembarked at Dubai. I saw the health authorities coming in with a stretcher but I didn't see the patient being carried out. Maybe through the back door. It must have been hard to look for their luggage because we were on land for a long time. I arrived in Munich a good 2 hours behind schedule. 

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Anonymous said...

Munich is a great place.
Their football club known as Bayern Munich a.k.a 'Bayern Munchen' won the European Champions League last season.
Football apart, this part of the world is so full of gorgeous landmarks. Please tell us more.
Nothing personal but architecture of their buildings are unique. Kindly give us more pictures.
Thanks for your update. Your blog is really interesting, I enjoy it very much.