Friday, October 03, 2014

Lush in Munich

Soap soap soap soap
 I have raved about Lush in some other posts. And have posted separate posts of Lush stores; Vienna, Hongkong and Singapore.  Can't  help it. I found Lush ( by chance mind) on day one in Munich. I had explored the Glockienspiel ( a separate post for that) tower and taken an obligatory selfie ( or two ) in front and at the side and from the top of that building. I had also found St Peter's church and the famous Viktualienmarkt  as I walked pass St Peters. The food selection was amazing. At that point I was hungry, but there were long lines everywhere and being Friday I was limited to seafood.I eventually found a fish place and had a very very tasty Salmon sandwich as I walked to explore the unknown.
As always, very nice display
 Ta-dah! I was looking at something else and found Lush instead. And guess what?? It was opposite a famous church. Which I will post about after this one.
Lush Store in Munich
Back to Lush, I decided to actually use one of the soaps right there during the stay, and oh boy no regrets. You simply must but this " Sultana of soaps". When I unwrapped it on day one to use I was pleased with the slightly creamy texture and the soft feeling after. ( Not super soft mind...just a bit) But on day 2, I was their greatest fan. Why? The amazing smell when I returned and entered the bathroom. Gorgeous. Currently, my bathroom at home also smells like so. I bought another bar of "Sultana of Soap" and shall be very sad when that finishes too. 

Leopoldstraße 76, 80802 München, Germany
+49 89 33019244


Anna, Fair and True said...

I can't even go in there or too close outside, smells too much for me!

edina monsoon said...

I have a leaky nose too. But thankfully it behaves inside LUSH. so I get to browse and spend money here. Soap of sultanas!!! Must try this Anna