Saturday, October 18, 2014

Same feet, different country

My feet were clad in sheer charcoal stockings.
What I like about the weather in Europe generally is the lack of humidity. This allows more walking minus the sweat. The sticking icky feeling is not nice. In Malaysia, walking is only nice indoors, where it is air conditioned. So most of my walking is done in shopping centers. And you can guess the speed  that I take maneuvering between a lot of other shoppers, their babies in the push prams and their shopping bags. Is it any wonder that walking during shopping sprees even though it leaves us tired-out does not count as exercise? How unfair. Otherwise I would have a trimmer flatter tummy with less suggestion of a muffin-top.

The first picture is taken at the end of our Dachau concentration camp tour. Oh boy! We walked a lot that day.My legs were tired and heavy at this point. And I confess to sleeping like a log that night. Out like a light-bulb directly after my shower. ( Which means horrendous puffy hair the next morning) SL and I are quite a good match for walking. I suspect she slows down for my benefit. Whatever the reason, we're usually paced well and tire at just about the same time. And more importantly our tummies get hungry around the same time too. ( Okay that's a lie, mine goes off a good 1 hour before SL gets hungry)
Our feet in Austria
The second picture is us on a boat at the Lake District in Austria. That's right, we managed to squeeze in that and Salzburg as well. It was a bit rushed and tiring. But we weren't greedy so as a result, the short trips were nice. Loads of pictures. the two pictures in this post were by SL and her camera. ( She does like taking pictures of our feet.) Her feet are in espadrilles and mine are in French Sole. I refuse to be seen wearing runners.

Just a short note on French Soles, and this cut in particular. They are surprisingly comfortable even at the end of the day. And it does look good in pictures too yah?

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