Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sauerkraut and pretzels

The meal above went very well with beer. You can just make out the golden yellow fluid to the top left had corner of the picture. But since we're talking sauefkraut let's focus on this sour cabbage and the fermentation process. Here it is served with pork sausages. This fermented cabbage isnt' just found in Germany. It is also found in french ( as a dressing) in soup ( Russia) and eaten traditionally by people in Pennsylvania on New Years Day.  I wonder whether it has as many health benefits as the Korean KimChi.:)
We ordered a pretzel each and then wondered how to eat it.Everyone else around us appeared to be happy with theirs except us.  On its own it was a bit tough and salty. This loopy bread is best eaten with cream cheese I think. Or eaten with intermittent sips of beer.

* This lunch was at Viktualienmarkt

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