Thursday, October 16, 2014

Traditional German clothes in Munich

I wonder whether it was because of the closeness to Oktoberfest, but everywhere I walked, there were these traditional clothes being sold in Munich. Here is one just off Marienplatz ( found this while walking about looking for birkenstocks) I love the the different shades of blue. It was only later at a department store that I realise ( many dirndls were sold there) that the blouse is a separate part of the outfit. And there were either lacy ones, and cotton ones in different colours. The petticoat is stiff and presumably keeps you warm as well as keeps the skirt looking full. The apron is never the same colour of the pinafore. So I am guessing the contrast is for style and a striking look. 29.90 euros for the entire outfit. Not too expensive. The question was ; where would I wear this to?
Inside the shop I saw these rather nifty shorts. They're not at all the real thing but fashioned to look like the leather ones. Expensive. I would rather spent money on the dirndl above.
Gorgeous colours!
And this, THIS was a lovely sight. I found this at a small alley around the vicinity of Lush soap shop. The colours are gorgeous aren't they? Which is your favourite? I think I would look rather good in the pink pokka-dotted apron dirndl. Hard to believe that these were once the uniform of the austrian servants.

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