Sunday, November 30, 2014

This week's report

Auditorium at IPR
 Institut Perubatan Respiratori ( infamously shortened to IPR) celebrated COPD day on Wednesday. I was there to give a talk. And I am glad to report the traffic during school holidays is very good. Smooth and light. I made it there in 20 minutes and was on time. The journey back despite the rain was also smooth. KL is lovely minus the traffic
Medical Dept PPUKM
On the same day, the registrars and Mos who have passed their exams celebrated their success with food.Its a sad time to see them leave for greener pastures. A natural progression for them. And we also feel sorry for those who failed and those who have to leave back to KKM because they have been called back. Good luck to all!
A smaller group and I had a separate celebratory meal at the Gardens Midvalley. Itallianies has since sized their place smaller. Less seating but still the same dark romantic lighting. I would recommend the classic pizza and the Carbonara. Yum yum yUUUM!

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