Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Longchamp in Bali

In Kuta
 No trip would be complete without looking around for Longchamp bargains abroad. On our third night in Bali, we managed ( at last) to go to Kuta, and we got to walk the streets which appeares very much like Hongkong. Tiny shop fronts with interesting composition of things showcased.

I came across this Lonchamp bag at the window front. Two Longchamp bags displayed like so. As I walked towards our transport to take us back to the hotel, I kept wondering....was it the real thing.
At the airport
The only other place I saw Longchamps being sold was at the airport.  Ngurah Rai Denpasar airport is very new. And it reminded me a little of the Budapest airport. Just look at the delicious colours shown in the shelf above. *swoon* Price was only 40 ringgit cheaper than at KLIA airport.
The entrance to the shop at the airport

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