Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Acca Kappa

My hair brush

This is my second Acca Kappa hair brush. Its in natural beechwood. The first was a gift from a very good friend. It has been died. Because I abused it slightly in the last 12 months. Then I got worried because finding a replacement brush wasn't smooth sailing. The original acca kappa shop at Midvalley closed down. That was depressing. Until I spoke to a friend, and she told me ( yay ) that Isetan at Pavillion sells Acca Kappa.  Incidentally. AK boasts over 140 years experience in hair brushes. Its meant to be functional and stand the test of time. ( I need to really look after my new hair brush then)

There's something about being denied a brush. It makes owning one extra special. My hair is neater now. At least on the days I remember to brush it. Most mornings are a mad rush to get to work on time. And eat breakfast at home first.

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