Tuesday, December 02, 2014


I found this post in my draft box. Oh dear oh dear! I've mean meaning to be organize. And blog chronologically. IT's too late. And so here it is, a post on a church in Munich. ( Taken in Sept 2014 during the ERS trip). This was early on in the trip where we got to enjoy summer temperature. Can you see the sun shining on the building? The temperature was roughly around 21 degrees with a nice cool breeze. There wasn't a signboard to say this was a church. Okay maybe there was a sign. In German. Which I must have missed completely.
Here is the side door. I initially thought this was a place show-casing dramas and live performances. Tut! Tut!. What a philistine i sound.
Someone entered and left the door open. So I did was any other curious person would have done. I entered.
And this was what a saw. Rather low ceilings. And people kneeling down praying. It wasn't very spectacular so I left directly after taking this picture. What I later found out was....that this was a chapel. Where there is little doubt what you should be doing when you enter this place.

And above this is the rather more spectacular view. ( Hrummph) I should research before doing the walkabout in a new city. Lessons learnt. These are the lovely pictures you would see when you start googling.

It's only on returning to Kuala Lumpur and browsing the net that I found out more about this church. Firstly it's a historical building. The direct translation is " Citizen's Hall Church". And it was designed by Giovanni Antonio Viscardi in 1709 . So this unique two story church in Munich's city centre It was founded in 1610 by the Jesuit order and the citizens of Munich. There is also a congregation museum which is open daily.And  the entry is free.

Neuhauser Straße 14, 80331 München, Germany

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