Thursday, January 08, 2015

Nandos: Love it ...hate it?

Quiet but a tad chilly
 My second visit. And it may well be my last. I had a yearning for nandos only after some research last night on food with little carbs led me to the nandos website. Only because I remembered in time, that there was on at Publika which is tucked in a corner away from the crowd. Not that there is much of a crowd there on weekdays. ( Which is a major plus point for dropping by on the way home for coffee and a meal). Let me clarify this is my second visit to the Nandos at Publika, I have also been to the branch at Jusco Maluri. Again, because its close to work. We've been there for lunch on a quiet working day at least once before I believe.

1/4 chicken with some "posh" salad
 So this is what I had this evening. If you think it looks small, you've spot on. Hardly a decent meal for a starving working person who had to sit through a rather lengthy meeting and traverse through traffic in town to get here. So no, this is not my idea of a good meal to end the day. The chicken was nice and tender. And tasted good. Pity it wasn't meatier. the salad I would avoid at all cost. It tasted cold ( salad..yes yes I know) and the beans were a tad hard ( undercook is another word which comes to mind) and it tasted vinegar-ish. )Each mouthful was a bit of a job swallowing.
Sauces arranged neatly by an OCD person surely
 The ambience is nice though. I love the lighting, the seating arrangement and the wooden floors and walls. It makes it inviting and cosy.
Interesting wash basin...tap and soap dispenser
And I especially like the delightfully inventive wash basin tucked at the end of the premise inside the shop. Just so, you may practice good hand hygiene.

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