Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Year of the Goat!( Reunion dinner picture)

Ta Daaah
Most of my favourite food are here. Not all mind, because we have small stomachs ( you wouldn't think, looking at this picture) Let's just list them out: Yam basket with chicken (minus the sotong which can sometimes be too chewy for my liking), sweet and sour pork ( yay),Yee Sang ( yay yay) Fried mini prawns ( with Kampung Koh Chillie sauce), Chicken lined with fish ( I think it's fish...which tastes very nice with some sauce) Pig's stomach soup ( for my dad not me) and fried fish with some sour and spicy sauce ( no yay for this cos I don't like fish).

Missing from this are two of my other favourite dishes:
1. Jiu Hu Char (shredded cuttlefish with vegetables) Nobody does it as nicely as mum. ( I bet all daughters say this!
2. Another dish called charr su-wee ( pronounced this way. Not sure whether it is actually as well known a dish as number 1, but my paternal grandmother used to cook this, and now mum cooks this for us)

Happy Year of the Wooden Goat!!! I shall end with a baba CNY greeting ( I received from an old family friend) 

Boleh Panjang2 umur, sihat2 dan happy selalu,peng ann in family & murah rezeki:)

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