Sunday, February 12, 2017

A good deal

 If you are a pasta fan you should have it here. A friend introduced me to this place years back. The branch we ate in has since closed down. I wonder why, maybe the rent increased. It can't be because of the food as this place serves pretty good pasta and pizza.  I usually only eat Granchio here. Granchio means crab in Italian. It's minced crab meat in tomato sauce with a garlic infused smell coating every strand of pasta. How can you resist?
A seat with a view
The new branch I frequent is at Sunway Putra Mall. Previously known simply as The Mall. If you don't know this already, The Mall underwent a major overhaul after being bought over and apart from the infrastructure everything else has been upgraded. It's been give a facelift new floors, new escalators and new selection of shops.

And two weeks ago, we had a meal here and found a super deal which wasn't advertised. Buy one meal and get another free. So if you're in the mood for pasta ( some home made with a selection of different sauces ), pop in and tell me what you think.

Here's my review:
Price: bordering on the expensive end. Unless you catch the buy one get one free deal.
Service: Good
Taste: super

Lot 3-29, 3rd floor,
Sunway Putra Mall
Opened 11am to 10pm

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Anonymous said...

Try their salmon wont regret it.