Saturday, February 11, 2017

Celine trio

Tried and tested, That's what the forums tell me. After 2 years I too own a Celine trio. The downside is I'm so scared of staining it or leaving a pen mark on it. Mine is in multiple colours I've been searching for what's the correct term to describe it but I can't find what the net calls it. So I'm going to describe it. the middle pouch is black and the strap is black. the front of it with the very small word Celine is light blue and the other pouch is light brown in colour.

I need to consider getting a small purse. The current braun buffer fits snugly and getting it out to pay and then putting it back in takes time.  So here it what mine fits:

1. Samsung S6
2. Iphone 6plus
3. braun buffer purse ( which comes in acca kappa pouch to protect it)
4. Angelina ballerina harrods pouch where the access cards coins are kept
5. my small bunch of keys
6. the car keys

I hope the strap doesn't break. 
No picker of the bag (yet) It'll feature once I find it on my phone.

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