Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wedding dinner

The entrance to the restaurant
 So it looks like the wedding season has started. We headed to Brem Mall in Kepong. A lesser known mall rather run-down with free parking. Main purpose was to get a decent and cheap phone cover for the iPhone. No luck there. I specifically wanted one with a extendible arm for the phone to lean upright on its own. Apparently that's not in fashion now. We saw a few but there were ugly.

We walked pass this Chinese restaurant and saw the crowd inside and the decoration like so. Earlier at the parking, we had seen the wedding car. So this wasn't a surprise. Brem Mall only has one decent Chinese restaurant so this must be the wedding dinner celebration. We didn't see the bride or groom. But we did get a glimpse of what they look like, the photographers put a box of pictures outside the restaurant presumably this is free advertising for them and a chance for the guests to take a moment each to remember this day.

Table decoration outside the restaurant
If you look carefully, you may be able to make out the small box of pictures on the table. Not a bad effort. I'm a believer of thrift when it comes to celebrating weddings. My experience as a guest is, you hardly keep any momento from the wedding. Pictures especially have a high risk of being thrown out. Mugs are useful. I still have one wedding mug. Tea strainers not so useful. Sweets and chocolates are useful.

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