Sunday, April 02, 2017

Pan mee at Taman Batu

Loh mee. 
 After church, I decided I must have noodles for breakfast. Okay I also did think about breakfast a little bit before church. I have found that eating more at night as your last meal only serves to increase the appetite the following morning. It's true. Foursquare came into play and the first choice was "face to face noodle house" which had good reviews and was the nearest to Risen Christ Church Jalan Ipoh. It was closed. ( Foursquare should update the times of opening really) so the next choice wasn't a new place; Kimkia Pan mee Specialist. My second visit here. The first was about a year ago or maybe longer. Noodles were nice but I remembered the terribly long wait for the meal.

This time, service was quicker and I liked the noodles very much. We had two different types and they were both very nice to eat. I wore an extremely light top and despite all efforts succeeded in getting a spot of chilly on it mid-meal. So annoying.
Dry pan mee
The dry pan mee seen in the picture above is thick and chewy and the sauce is a little bit sweet. It comes with a bowl of soup with meat and fucuk and vegetables. The soup ( unlike the shop in Kepong ) was full of flavour and I think minimal msg. ( I'm home now blogging this and I don't have the urge to drink loads of water, a sure sign the soup was quite healthy)

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