Friday, May 05, 2017


What greets you when you exit the ERL station 
 For a moment I thought I was exiting the MRT at orchard station in Singapore. What a sight! Shopping and with time to spare ( for once I was early at the airport. factoring in the fact I'm a stranger to KLiA2) I browsed at the two shops which I saw first. And I found a lovely top at H+M. Light blue polka dotted with ruffles at the shoulders. I know it sounds awful. But it isn't. Trust me.
Uniqlo is everywhere
 I took a bit longer in H+M thanks for the top I mentioned earlier with loads of standing in the fitting room wondering whether it was a trick that I look good in that top. Yes mirrors are designed to make you look thinner. I decided after 2-3 minutes of preening that I would not buy the top. Self Control! Plus I really wanted to travel light.
An interesting way of spelling cuisine
 Yahoo, I found a shop which sells rice with petai. Seriously I think more people should take to petai. I'm eating here the next opportunity.

Buying meds before boarding. A good idea
 This was one of the last shops before crossing over to the other side. And look at the number of people buying stuff. This really works as a shopping mall as well. A good idea to send off relatives from KLiA2 rather than KLiA1.
Welcome to KLiA2.
 I wanted to pose with this. But a selfie won't fit me and the sign in one frame. So that plan was shelved.
Large space
Then started the walk towards where I was heading. A bit scary to feel this lost in Malaysia.

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